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Bridge Club April 27, 2005

A humbling hand


Bridge can be humbling or exhilarating-today's hand was both. I was humbled and my opponents, Lynda Hempel and Jim Poston, celebrated a top board when I went down two vulnerable in a cold contract. One opened the west hand with a weak two hearts bid, Lynda overcalled three diamonds, and my partner, Vern Nafus, correctly deemed his hand worth the raise to four hearts. Lynda took the ace of diamonds and then led the spade six, which I ducked to the queen and then I thought that with the south hand probably holding the king of spades as well, Lynda should have both queens, hearts and clubs, to risk her overcall.

After Jim had taken his second queen and I went down two, I kicked myself for believing Lynda's bid, but of course it was too late. They were courteous enough not to exchange high-fives, but they went on to win the game. Oh well!

On April 16, we held the Grand National Teams Unit final in which teams competed for the right to play in the district final. 'A' flight winners were Charlotte Miller, Joan Grimm, Doug Bullock and Lu Stratton. Special congratulations to 'B' flight qualifiers Joanna May, Anita Babineau, Tom Ryder and Art Crawford. The gold points they won were the first for Joanna, Anita and Art. Well done!

You can compete in the bridge world by playing at the Boise Bridge Club, where we play six days a week and give lessons at all levels. Call Craig Jones or Ian Martindale at (208) 327-0166.