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Bridge Club • September 14, 2005

You never know what will happen


One of the delights of playing with newer players is that you never know what will happen. My partner and neighbor Dave Tabor, who only recently started to play bridge and is happily competing in the duplicate game already, interpreted his east holding as a weak 2-bid. The consequences to north-south were devastating. North was understandably reluctant to sell out at that level and chose to reopen the bidding with a 3 heart bid, hoping that his partner would have helpful cards. The apprehension I felt observing Dave's opening bid was converted to the delight reserved for unexpected good fortune, when my friend in the north bid a suit at the 3 level in which I held 6-card length and some very good spots.

The final result of this hand was that north-south went down 4 tricks on a hand that they were destined to get a plus score on if we were to play the hand at the 2 level in a severe misfit. We can play in no suit in which we do not have an adverse trump holding of at least 5 cards, but Dave's bid made the other players guess about their holdings and mine, and on this occasion they were led astray. I maintain that bridge is a wonderful game because of the infinite variety of situations it presents to us.

Qualified local players will participate in the North American Open Pairs Unit final on Saturday at the bridge club. This two-session event will qualify those who finish in the top half of the event to play in the district final, and the winners there will win the right to represent our district at a North American Bridge Championship in Denver in November. Good luck to them all.