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Bricolage Has a Plant Party

Thursday, July 14 at Bricolage


Terrariums are mossy miniature Ferngullys filled with rock crystals, tiny gnomes and resting fawn figurines. Like bottled ships, these mini gardens are encased in delicate glass baubles, test tubes or tiny vases. On Thursday, July 14, the bricoladies at Bricolage are bringing the magic of terrariums to the masses with a terrarium workshop from 6-8 p.m.

According to Bricolage, here's what you can expect: "Erin and Matt from Edwards Greenhouse will teach you how to make tiny desktop gardens from succulents, plants and moss in mason jars ... We supply the mason jars, dirt, plants and even little woodland creature cake toppers to inhabit your terrarium."

After you cobble together your own terrarium, you can show it off at the Bricolage Plant Party, which is also going down on Thursday, July 14, from 5-9 p.m. The Plant Party is a living art show that will feature terrariums, wall-mounted shadowboxes and Chelsea Snow's mini, lined felt planters that hang from a wall with binder clips. If all that dirt and moss make you want to munch on something fresh from the soil, fret not. There will be snacks.