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Brick Yourself


Unlike being told to "hit the bricks" or being called a "brick house" (praise be to the Commodores) Brick Yourself is neither a dismissal nor a compliment. It is, instead, maybe the most adorable fusion of real life and pop culture: custom Lego figures. From the Land Down Under, Lego-obsessed BrickMan Dan and Co. make sweet little cylindrical avatars of you or someone you love.

Getting bricked is easy. Just fill out the form at with your figure's name, essential characteristics (profession, hobby, passion), age and gender. Any additional information you provide makes your character all the better, though. The instructions suggest describing your little figure's facial expression (happy, sad, surprised, etc.) and whether they have facial hair or glasses; their style of clothing; what colors they look good in; and accessories that best identify their interests like cameras, phones, pets, tools, books, light sabers, whatever.

At about $25, getting a customized Lego character for someone is an inexpensive way to show you care, but there's no reason you shouldn't order one for yourself. Maybe you're the brick house.