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Brian Jonestown Massacre

Knitting Factory, June 15


Anyone who's seen the 2004 rockumentary Dig! has witnessed what a complete shitshow Brian Jonestown Massacre's Anton Newcombe can be. Sober now after years of pounding back vodka, Newcombe remains controversial. In an interview with Impose Magazine, Newcombe spoke on his band's legacy.

"First of all my project has been around for more than 20 years. I've outlasted all my peers. Furthermore, if you start the clock back in 1962 when The Beatles started recording and shit. Guess what they were doing 20 years down the road if they weren't dead. Judge by that standard. I think I'm in very good shape. Anybody you want to name from my peers. They've either eaten dust or are just bitter."

Known for their druggy psych sound, BJM recently released their 12th studio album, Who Killed Sgt. Pepper? The album takes a step in a dancier direction, weaving in loops, disco rhythms and even soccer chants.

8 p.m., $16-$40, Knitting Factory, 416 S. Ninth St., 208-367-1212,