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Breaking news: Vasquez still has alien-sized bug up butt


Canyon County Commissioner Robert Vasquez is a one-issue pony. Back in January, he led his fellow commissioners to declare a county-wide state of emergency due to an "unarmed Mexican invasion." Prior to that, Vasquez sent a bill in excess of $1 million to the Mexican consulate, claiming it reflected medical and legal expenses incurred by the county because of illegals. Now Vasquez has a new plan: to spend a fistful of county dollars on an independent attorney to figure out whether businesses employing illegal aliens can be prosecuted under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act-the law used to prosecute the Mafia. This despite findings reported in a recent article in the New York Times that illegal workers are actually bolstering Social Security by contributing billions of dollars each year in money that, lest we forget, they can't get back. Vasquez contends that the invaders aren't just costing the county for prosecution, welfare and health care, they're also scheming to relieve us-law-abiding native Idahoans-of our crappiest jobs. This new scheme is reportedly OK with Canyon County Prosecutor David Young, since his office can't cover the cases they have, let alone add to their workload. It's amazing what fiscal decisions can be made when those making them aren't held to a profit motive-just ask Gov. Dirk Kempthorne, flush from his success at tying up $1.6 billion (or $3 billion with 18 years of interest) of taxpayer eggs in one GARVEE basket.