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Break Theory VII


If a turtle, a jackhammer, a windmill, a pike and a flare walk into a bar and you're not there to see it, the joke's on you. These break dancing moves, along with hundreds of others, will be breaking it down at Break Theory VII, the annual after-Christmas B-boy break dancing battle at Neurolux.

On Saturday, Dec. 26, an assemblage of B-boys--a slang term for the brave few who attempt head spins and belly caterpillars on dirty floors--will congregate in the smoky bar. Performers from Eastern Idaho to Ontario, Ore., will all vie to take home the coveted $200 top prize.

The evening's MCs will be Marcus and Tim, or Origin and Timbuk2, from Kamphire Collective, while DJ Noah Hyde will be DJing the battle. Event organizer and Neurolux bartender Mat Thompson also promises a few surprise guest performances.

If last year's battle was any indication, we recommend that you arrive early and wear a sturdy pair of vintage high-top Nikes: The place gets packed quickly, and you'll need some comfy kicks to keep your toes from being trampled.

Saturday, Dec. 26, 9 p.m., $5, Neurolux, 111 N. 11 St., 208-343-0886,