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Braided Waves, Jan. 9, Neurolux


If you've been feeling a little strung out in the first week of 2015, we have a suggested soundtrack: local band Braided Waves will meet your melancholy and raise it to a soothing sense of wise introspection.

Frontman Otis Crook's trembling, wounded-sounding high tenor floats like the last transmission from a doomed spaceship. Guitarist Christopher Smith, bassist Elijah Jensen-Lindsey (of Hobo Jargon fame, see Page 27) and drummer/vocalist Trish Hall, meanwhile, whip up a galaxy of swirling noise that hypnotizes as it gives Crook an ether to get lost in.

Fans of Radiohead and the downtempo sonic wanderings of the late, great (sedated) Jim Morrison will find much to get lost in, too. To see what we mean, check out more videos on Boise State UTP's YouTube channel and then experience Braided Waves live, with Junior Rocket Scientist, Toy Zoo (listen to "Golden Boy (Pony)" below) and Darling Rollercoaster opening.