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Brad Pitt Speaks to the Press ... For a Fee

An audience with Brad Pitt reveals his indignation that banks weren't punished more for the financial crisis.


Editor's note: Brad Pitt granted an interview to Boise Weekly and other outlets at no charge in September 2011 at the Toronto International Film Festival while promoting Moneyball.

An audience with Brad Pitt might reveal his indignation that banks weren't punished more for the financial crisis, and his aversion to the process of butchering cattle, but it will also will cost a cool $3,232, according to Deadline Hollywood.

The gossip website reported that, in a first for a film distributor, Alliance had published a price guide stipulating that a 20-minute TV interview with Pitt at the Cannes Film Festival would cost $3,232.

A source told Deadline: "Of course it looks bad, but there's a lot of pressure to keep as many costs down as possible."

The site questioned whether the 20 minutes with Pitt was worth it, revealing that other than his views on banks and beef, he had discussed:

Playing killers: "I would have a much harder time playing a racist or something along those lines. That would be much more unsettling for me than a guy who shoots another guy in the face." And Obama: "I was there that night in Chicago when Obama won. It was an amazing night - people out in the street, connected." Nothing along the lines of "I'm bald and I want to get back together with Jen," Deadline lamented.

And as the Los Angeles Times points out, all "from the mouth of the man who is the new face of Chanel No. 5 — a job for which Pitt reportedly will receive seven figures."

To be fair, it notes, Pitt and Jolie give back through the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, and Pitt supports 36 charities and foundations.

Meanwhile, without revealing how much, or whether, they paid Pitt for an interview, Reuters quoted the actor as saying he had no intention of following fiancee Angelina Jolie into directing.

Pitt, 48, was attending the premiere of his latest movie "Killing Them Softly" at Cannes

Pitt was one of the film's producers, as well as playing the character of mob enforcer Jackie Cogan.

Reportedly, the first screening of the film was greeted with almost total silence, which the London Evening Standard wrote usually meant that critics were either bored or absorbed by it.

Asked by Reuters whether he might try his hand at directing, he replied: "No, not a chance. It makes sense on some level, but I really enjoy being a creative producer and I enjoy my day job.

"It's enough for me. I want to also be a dad, first and foremost. After two days it gets itchy, I miss them. I just know how I'd be, I see how much time it takes to mount the thing and put it together. It wouldn't be a good match."

Last year Jolie, with whom Pitt has six children, directed her first feature "In the Land of Blood and Honey," a drama set in the Bosnian war.