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Friday, June 1, Boise State Amphitheater


In pop culture, trends don't really die. They just fade away until the moment is right for a resurgence. But just as the bell bottoms of the '60s would not have been successful in the 2000s without some updates, 21st century musicians can refer to and pay homage to their predecessors but must find some way to make the music their own. Boise band Bovalexia seems to have found the right mix of classic and contemporary to create a sound that's comfortably familiar but new and exciting, too.

According to their site, the word bovalexia "is the uncontrollable urge to 'moo' at cows in a field when passing by in, but not limited to, an automobile." The mooers in question are Bart Bell on drums, Tod Christensen on guitar and vocals and Bob Davis on bass. They recently released When Good Went Bad, a full-length CD that combines elements of rock, metal, pop and punk.

When Good Went Bad is a real mix of sounds. Taken separately, one track on the CD could easily be heard on a classic rock station while another would be right at home on college radio. Speaking of college radio, this show is presented by the Boise State's University Pulse and the radio show Too Much Distortion, which treats listeners to metal mayhem every Sunday night at 9 p.m. on 730AM, including music from local bands. This outdoor show is a showcase of sounds and includes music from 400 Blows, with Trash Talk, Killing for Peace and Break the Ice.

--Amy Atkins

June 1, 5:30 p.m., $5, Bovalexia with 400 Blows, Killing for Peace, Trash Talk and Break the Ice. Boise State Outdoor Amphitheater (behind the Albertson Library), 1910 University Dr. Check Bovalexia out at