Boredom Corporation to Perform at Goddess Fest in Boise

Saturday, July 27, Julia Davis Park


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Brock Glaisyer is a one-man band. He writes, records and plays all the instruments himself, and on Saturday, July 27, he'll play Goddess Fest in Boise under his stage name, The Boredom Corporation.

His second album, Blue Fields, channels the tune of his chief inspiration ever since he was eight years old—Green Day. The Boredom Corporation is also inspired by All Time Low.

“All Time Low was inspiration in the emotional part of it,” Glaisyer said. “Listening to Green Day, made me want to write songs on subjects that I care about.”

Blue Fields centers around songs with strong lyrics and guitar undertones, and each song tells a story about growing up, from romantic splits to moving away from home for the first time.

“Taking all these things and combining them into one—you have to grow up quickly,” Glaisyer said.

The Boredom Corporation’s album may center around these specific themes, but the album is dedicated to Glaisyer's grandfather, who, in life, took him to Boise State Bronco football games, and whose death inspired the title of The Boredom Corporation's latest album.

“We spent a lot of time together at the BSU stadium in those seats,” said Glaisyer. “It was fitting.”

The beginning of the album starts with an upbeat song and then slowly progresses to a softer range of songs later on in the album. But the way The Boredom Corporation combines guitar, a beat, and every other instrument added in on his own — is quite impressive. The Boredom Corporation said he didn’t want all the songs to sound the same and having different rhythms to each song gives the album variety.

The Boredom Corporation uses his music to give a message to people going through similar experiences.

“Power through. If you are in a confusing situation in your life, you’ll be fine. Just get over it, the sun always comes up tomorrow. Every day is a new day,” Glaisyer said.

A recent graduate from the University of Idaho, Glaisyer plans to continue pursuing a music career as a one-man band.

“That’s my claim to fame. Is that everything you hear on the Internet is all recorded by me, everything you hear in concerts is all me. It’s just me,” Glaisyer said, “My thought process was, if Skrillex can go up there and push a bunch of buttons, why can’t I get up there with real stuff and a real guitar and pretend I’m playing at Madison [Square] Garden every day?”

Now, people will have the opportunity to listen to The Boredom Corporation’s music on Saturday, July 27, from 11 a.m. to noon at Goddess Fest in Julia Davis Park.


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