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Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, July 16, Neurolux

He does it all


Seldom has a pseudonym been as apt as that of musician, actor and renaissance man Will Oldham, aka Bonnie "Prince" Billy. The moniker is pretty, it's playful, it rolls off the tongue, and it's as enigmatic as its prolific holder (Oldham's discography includes hundreds of LPs, EPs, singles, collaborations and compilations). Oldham's lyrics are cryptic; his melodies are euphonious; his style is protean, flowing from Americana to punk to anything in between--or above, around, below or beside--and he is as flexible with his chosen name as he as with his music. Early on, Oldham performed as Palace, Palace Brothers, Palace Music and Palace Songs; currently, iterations include Bonny "Prince" Billy, Dr. Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Bonnie Billie to name a few.

And Oldham is as compelling on the big screen as he is on his albums, having appeared in more than 20 films. And since no renaissance man would be complete without a signature scent, there's Bonnie Billy by Sanae Intoxicants, a "bouquet of Mukhallat on a warm Egyptian tobacco night." Bonnie, indeed.