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Bonnie and Clyde or a Foam Spider?


After a tense near-miss last week, Boise police officers should breathe a well-earned sigh of relief. There ... done? Now get back to protecting our bourgeois asses from rampaging hordes of meth-frosted kooks, their feral children and desperate dogs.

The first scare came on Thursday, when officers received a call about a potential bank robbery in progress at the Wells Fargo at Collister and State streets. A witness, they were told, had seen a man walking toward the bank with a handgun by his leg and a note in his hand, said Boise Police spokeswoman Lynn Hightower. Two officers responded to the call within minutes and set up a perimeter around the bank, but found no robber. All they found was a mailman walking into the bank--and then immediately turning around and walking out.

"He tells police that something is wrong, because all the tellers are ducked down behind the counter," Hightower said. "So for a couple of minutes, everybody is thinking, 'What is going on in there?" The possible answers weren't fun: standoff; hostage situation; ugh. Another 10 officers were en route to the scene, but a problem remained: Why wasn't the alarm going off in the bank?

Allow the bank manager to answer that one. She came outside after about 10 minutes later to see why her parking lot seemed to be holding a Boise and Garden City police party. If so, her bank could certainly provide the streamers. After all, the only reason all those tellers were ducked down was because they were assembling their Halloween decorations. Police inspected the bank, but found no robbers. (Cue muted trumpet making a "Wah-wah" sound.)

Was this an example of a would-be thief having a change of heart just feet from the bank entrance? "It's hard to tell what might have been prevented, or what the witness might have seen or thought they saw," Hightower said.