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Bonded By Blood: Exiled to Earth

Vertebrae-shattering thrash metal from the future


Taking the name of your band from one of the most highly regarded thrash masterpieces ever, Exodus' debut chainsaw manifesto Bonded By Blood, does fester a certain level of expectation. Well, consider expectations drawn, quartered and disemboweled. Slaying from Pomona, Calif., Bonded By Blood, though not classic Anthrax or Overkill (and what is?), still shred an awesome menace. There has been a primeval resurgence in the last few years with the classic thrash wail. Bands like Toxic Holocaust, Hexen and Municipal Waste are gnashing along endless tours, as the bloodlust of ruthless headbangers remains insatiable. And to those hordes, Exiled to Earth (Earache), BBB's second offering, will not disappoint.

A conceptual album about a hostile extraterrestrial invasion involving genetic crossbreeding 600 years in the future sounds like a recipe for disastrous, pretentious prog-rock, but Exiled to Earth has the right ingredients to avoid that pitfall. The track "600 A.B. (After the Bomb)" opens with a traditional clean guitar intro before detonating into nails and shrapnel. Through 40-plus vertebrae-shattering minutes, the attack is relentless. "Prototype-Death Machine," "Prison Planet," "Genetic Encryption" and "Blood Spilled Offerings" are all new-thrash classics.

Comprised of singer Jose Barrales--shrieking like an alien is bursting through his chest--drummer Carlos Regalado in full, crazed Dave Lombardo mode, bassist Jerry Garcia (his real name) and guitar oracles Juan Juarez and Alex Lee, Bonded By Blood are primed for new-thrash domination. If Exiled to Earth is any indication, these Bay Area maniacs are ready to take over the world.