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Bombs Away With The B-52s

Tuesday, Sept. 13, Eagle River Pavilion


The Eagle River Pavilion has been the place to get your nostalgia on this summer with a concert series that has featured Styx, Yes and Whitesnake. Next up: The B-52s.

For anyone who ever sang "Loveshack" along with the radio, the retro foursome has always felt a little like a trip down memory lane, even on first listen. The B-52s have always found the musical sweet spot between New Wave, pop-infused rock and a '60s musical sensibility. They became the forefathers/mothers of the cutting-edge music that continues to come out of their hometown of Athens, Ga.

In the more than three decades since the band's founding, The B-52s have consistently brought high energy and an inimitable fun factor to their live performances. Local Rock Lobsters better take their vitamins and get some rest: The B-52s are about to land.

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