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Boise's Funniest Person Returns to Liquid for Season Five


To compete for Boise’s Funniest Person, the annual comedy competition that takes over Liquid Lounge each July, contestants must be just the right mix of hilarious and unknown.

The contest, now in its fifth year, awards $1,000 in prize money to an amateur stand-up comic, who has performed at fewer than 12 open mics. The competition kicks off Saturday, July 8, when 20 contestants chosen from auditions will begin vying for the title of BFP. They'll perform for a panel of judges (including returning judge, BW Editor Amy Atkins) and an audience of their friends, family and peers. Every ticket holder gets a vote.

Something funny happened on the way to $1,000 and the title of Boise's Funniest Person. - BOISE'S FUNNIEST PERSON
  • Boise's Funniest Person
  • Something funny happened on the way to $1,000 and the title of Boise's Funniest Person.

“We are very excited about the crop of contestants we have this year,” said Alisha Donahue, co-organizer of BFP and one half of comedy duo Lady Bizness. “We’re drawing from a group of people who happen to already have backgrounds in the stage: A lot of them come from improv or acting backgrounds, so it will be interesting to see how they translate that to stand-up comedy.”

BFP is an elimination-style contest. Over the course of four Saturday night events, the number of contestants will be whittled down from 20 (July 8) to 10 (July 15), then five (July 22), then one (July 29). To turn up the heat, the top 10 will be partnered with “coaches,” established local comedians who will do their best to shepherd their respective charges to the top spot.

“We’re looking forward to pairing up the top 10 with the coaches and seeing how they learn and grow,” said Donahue. “In the past, the pairings have been done by random drawing, but we’ve found that there were times that didn’t actually benefit the contestant or coach. So now, we look at the styles of the contestants and at the styles of the coaches and try to pair them with what we think is going to be the strongest match.”

Past winners include Jessica Holmes, Kaz Gable, Scott Grady and Tius McCowin, and while some returned to their previous careers, others—like Gable, who performed at the Sun Valley Opera House in 2016 and moved to Denver to pursue comedy full time—chose to continue in stand-up. This year, BFP could be grooming the next big hit.

Tickets are available at Get yours now, because seats go fast—in years past, BFP has been standing room only.

The laughs keep going after the amateurs, so stick around after BFP for Mattio Martinez on July 8, Gabe Dunn on July 15, Derek Sheen on July 22 and Tim Northern on July 29.