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Boise's Funniest Person Kickoff

Liquid Boise, July 6


The road from amateur to professional is dark and full of terrors, but yearly, the Boise's Funniest Person contest drives a few aspiring Boise comedians down it. Being paired with working comics means they won't do it alone. This year, the contest will pit 20 of Boise's aspiring comics against each other, dueling for yuks until the group is whittled down to Boise's Funniest Person, and bequeathed $1,000 cash prize. The event is hosted by Austin Von Johnson and nine judges, including Dylan Haas of 208 Comedy Fest, Frankly Frankie, and a couple of members of the Boise Weekly family: Minverva Jayne and Amy Atkins. This year's mentors are Sophie Hughes, Ben Hess, Eric Cole, KC Hunt and Montanat Burke.