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Boise X Games Qualifier Will See Added Public, Private Security


  • Boise Parks and Recreation
  • X Games closures

Recent tragedies at high profile events worldwide has resulted in heightened security even in Boise, which will play host to the X Games Park Qualifier– the qualifying event for skateboard and BMX– Friday, June 9 and Saturday, June 10, at Rhodes Skate Park.

“We certainly take attacks into account when we plan for an event,” said Boise Police Department Captain Ron Winegar. “Most people don’t really give it a second thought, but I think lately with the number of attacks, that’s changing. The Boise Police Department is cognizant of those attacks and is prepared.”

With more than 4,000 spectators expected to attend each day of the qualifying weekend, beefing up security is necessary. In addition to the Boise Police Department, the local branch of national private security firm, Signal 88 Security will provide extra manpower; and its personnel will be among the first faces attendees will see. As well as greeting the public, Signal 88 security guard presence will serve as a visual deterrent to crime and potential disruptions. That's a common security measure for larger events to incorporate law enforcement and security organizations.

“We [Signal 88] do all kinds of events in the city, including Art in the Park and Boise’s Fourth of July celebrations, so we already have a good preexisting relationship with the Boise Parks and Recreation Department, and BPD, as well as the city in general.” Said Signal 88 Director of Business Development, Don Crowell.

Crowell says because of bottlenecks, entry points are the areas with the most congestion, and as a result, are at the highest risk during any event. Security personnel will be stationed at entry points during the Boise X Games, keeping alert for anything suspicious. Heightened security and pedestrian safety are the major reasons for road closures around the park, beginning June 7. BPD will be monitoring road-closures during the event.

Planning for an event of this magnitude takes time. According to Captain Winegar, as soon as ESPN expressed an interest in Rhodes as a venue, a BPD special events team has began planning for security¬– Winegar estimates they’ve been working on it for at least the past four months. Everything from a good location for portable toilets to intricacies of public safety had to be examined and planned for accordingly. Despite the complexities of the event, both BPD and Signal 88 are optimistic and excited for the X Games qualifier and emphasize the benefits this type of worldwide attention will bring to Boise.

“It’s a fabulous opportunity for us to showcase Boise in general as well as the Rhodes Park. With the ESPN crew coming in, we can really show the world what Boise is all about,” said Captain Winegar.