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Boise Weekly's Ninth Annual Black and White Photo Contest

BW readers offer their best shots


Nothing is black and white, not even black-and-white photography. From the gentle shades of gray to blistering whites and deep blacks, the depth of black-and-white photography is what engages viewers and creates compelling images.

It takes a mastery of the subtleties--as well as composition and subject matter--to catch the attention of those judging Boise Weekly's Black and White Photo Contest. But the images in this edition stood out from the 213 entries in the ninth annual contest. And stand out they did, which is an achievement made even more impressive considering that our panel of distinguished judges all noted this year's higher degree of technical skill and artistic eye across the entries.

That panel included several returning members, including Paul Hosefros, a longtime photog with The New York Times whose recent book, Idaho Wine Country, is filled with stunning images of Idaho's vineyards. Also back was photographer Laurie Pearman, whose images are routinely found in the pages of Boise Weekly publications. In fact, Pearman won this very contest several years ago.

They were joined by newbie Deborah Hardee, whose artistic approach to photography has put her images in the likes of Vanity Fair, Vogue, Forbes and The New York Times. And rounding out the quartet was BW Art Director Leila Ramella-Rader.

Thank you to all the photographers who submitted images, as well as to the judges who donated their time--we couldn't do this without you.