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Boise Weekly's Hip-Hop Voter's Guide

November 4, 2008. Election Day. What's Up?


Voters of Ada County, school's in session. For this year's election guide, BW decided to head out to the streets and find out what Idaho voters know. The results of this unscientific survey: you don't know jack. You know Obama. You know McCain. A few of you D&D players remember Ron Paul. That's about it. Do you even know who's in the Legislature? Or what Idaho legislators do nine months out of the year? No? We didn't think so. (Hey, we're not sure about the nine months either.)

But your blissful ignorance makes us sad. Not because we are all about democracy and civic duty and change and hope and low taxes. No, it's because we are obsessed with politics here and spend all our waking moments reading polls and screaming at the top of our lungs at the TV pundits. It's another form of entertainment, like the high arts and avant-garde music you find in the rest of this paper each week. Only this kind of fun has dire consequences like war, impoverishment and total national embarrassment.

Let's back up. We didn't really hit the streets for our information. We went to an Albertsons supermarket in each Ada County legislative district to interview potential voters. Some Albertsons are more "street" than other Albertsons, mind you, as you'll find in the composite caricatures and accompanying choice quotes from each district's voters.

So peep our election guide and see if maybe this year some of this stuff registers for you. Many of you have already voted by mail or at the early polling place at the cop shop at 7180 Barrister Drive. For those who have not voted, it's not too late. Tuesday, Nov. 4, is Election Day and you can register at the polls if you bring photo ID and proof of residence.

So fire up some sick beats in your head, Boise. It's time to either get out and vote, or stop rappin' about how bad you've got it. Check this ...

Download BW's Election Guide