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Boise Weekly's 8th Annual Black & White Photography Contest

The top picks of a very large photographic crop

Anyone with a point-and-shoot camera can create an image, but it takes an artist to capture one that draws viewers into a world in which composition, light and subject matter are perfectly balanced. When you can do that, then you can call yourself a photographer.

Each year, we honor those folks in our Black and White Photo Contest. Most who enter are not professionals, but they are photographers. This year, 204 images faced our judges, who had the daunting task of selecting the top entries in three categories—people, places and things. The judges were impressed by the year-to-year improvement of the images. Across the board, the entries were well executed, thoughtful, creative and, at times, risky.

This year's judges were led by returning judge and longtime New York Times shooter Paul Hosefros, whose images fill a new book on Idaho's wine country due out later this year. Also returning was photographer Laurie Pearman, whose own stunning images routinely grace the pages of BW and who was a B&W Photo Contest winner herself several years ago. Rounding out the panel were BW Art Director Leila Ramella-Rader, Staff Writer Tara Morgan and Features Editor Deanna Darr.

Judging was no easy task, but thank you to all those photographers who submitted their work.

—Deanna Darr