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Boise Weekly's 5th Annual B&W Photo Contest


Call it Christmas in summer. For the past few weeks, photographers have been dropping off their entries for the Boise Weekly Black and White Photo Contest, and it's all we can do to keep from ogling the pictures as they arrive. Instead, we wait. And wait.

Finally last week, we gathered our panel of judges and spread out the harvest of our fifth year of the contest. The Boise area is loaded with great photo subjects, but many of them are predictable ones, whether it's an iconic building or a hunk of the landscape that we're all familiar with. I'm here to report that few if any of our entries dwelled upon the familiar. Instead, we received a kaleidoscope of images from across the world and across the yard. That's what good photographers do best: They draw your eye to a thing in a new way. Whether it's the quiet eye of a dog or the corner of a building you're sure you've seen before, Boise's shooters showed us a thing or two this year.

Our strategy for judging the entries is a familiar one. First, we call upon our esteemed outside experts: Craig Clark has worked as a professional photographer for over 18 years, working around the country and the world. He opened his Boise studio, CC Photography and Digital Design, in 2000 and recently released his book on his exhibit The Torso Project. We counted on Clark to help us sift through the piles efficiently; his eye is uncanny, and his judgment is sharp.

Paul Hosefros was a photographer at The New York Times for 36 years. He spent the bulk of his time with the paper's Washington, D.C. bureau covering the White House, Congress and the Pentagon. He logged hours on Air Force One and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. We're lucky to have him on our panel, where he acted as a voice of moderation, often showing us things about photographs we would have missed otherwise.

Some important things to note: We base the prize amounts on the number of entries; all entry fees go back into the prize amounts. This year we got 174 entries.

Also, some housekeeping: We do need all entrants to come by the BW offices to pick up their photographs. As much as we'd like to keep them, we can only hold them until Aug. 1.

It's my job as editor to tell you that while we had to pick some winners, we're not passing negative judgment on people who didn't win. You had the guts to enter, and we appreciate your hard work. In fact, more than once, I wished we had a gallery space to put up all the photographs for Boise to see. Hm, maybe next year. Until then, enjoy what we've found.

Grand Prize $300 (Places) David G. Currie

2nd Place $100 (Places) Clint Hollister

3rd Place $50 (Places) Thomas Lea

Honorable Mention (Places) Jim Geier

Honorable Mention (Places) Kate Saldin

Honorable Mention (Places) Laurie Pearman

1st Place $150 (People) Byron W. Folwell

1st Place $100 (People) Audrey Desler

1st Place $50 (People) Jim Benedict

Honorable Mention (People) Emily Sandifer

Honorable Mention (People) Laurie Pearman

Honorable Mention (People) Estera Stanciu

1st Place $150 (Things) Mark A. Hardy

1st Place $100 (Things) Sue Birnbaumr

1st Place $50 (Things) Blair Whiting

Honorable Mention (Things) David G. Currie

Honorable Mention (Things) Estera Stanciu

Honorable Mention (Things) McKinley Conant