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Boise Weekly Retreat


It was another visit to my dentist for yet another crown, another filling and another out-of-body experience. This time, my thoughts were not focused on President George Bush but on my children. As I was floating above watching myself be drilled upon, my children were fully grown adults, who did not know who I was. This was disturbing, and I assured them over and over that I was their mother. I am not sure what this meant, but I look forward to some quality time with my children over spring break this week.

Last weekend was our annual retreat here at Boise Weekly. We did not have one last year, so it was well overdue. And we have quite a few new people who had never been on one of our retreats.

The intent of these retreats is to get to know each other better outside of the typical work week and gain appreciation for each other and what we all do as part of the whole. We had wonderful meals together, each made by a BW team. Although they were all wonderful, special mention must go to the "Indian Feast" team. And, congratulations to Jessi for winning the first Blokus tournament. We did a group personality test, played games and watched movies. It is always a wonderful time with people that I like very much, and it is always sad when it ends. It reminds me how lucky I am to work with a group of such extraordinary people.

--Sally Freeman