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For die-hard followers of St. Patrick's Day, one green beer and a wee bit-o-green on your T-shirt is not going to cut it. Head-to-toe green (try rolling down Simplot's hill 100 times) is as essential as admiring the raising of the flag at Angell's, Guinness in hand, followed by a traditional Irish prayer at 11 a.m. this Thursday. If you stick around until Angell's live entertainment Tauge and Faulkner arrive at 7 p.m., it's likely you'll be teetering home instead of onto the next pub.

So take a break (or roll down Simplot's hill another 100 times) before heading back downtown to strut your grassy stuff at Hannah's by 8:30 p.m., where the greenest guest to walk through the door wins an iPod with $100 worth of free music. Hannah's prizes will keep trickling down to all revelers even if your idea of flirtation is to be a 'lady in red' (therefore pinched by every random stranger)­, you're still eligible for concert and event tickets, CDs, 100 green carnations, dinner certificates, free tans, Essence of Romance prizes, not to mention St. Patrick's bowler hats, green beanies and Dr. Seuss hats. While lucky leprechauns are winning prizes left and right, other partiers will be searching for the pot of gold for Hannah's scavenger hunt or "rollin' over in the clover"-i.e. if you haven't lost your breakfast yet from rolling down Simplot's hill 200 times, volunteer to demonstrate your rollin' superiority by wrapping in sticky tape and rolling (or falling, as per your drunken ratio) onto the dance floor laden with Hannahbucks and KISS clovers. Hannahbucks become free drinks and KISS Clovers turn into the various prizes mentioned above (but you may lose your dignity along with your car keys).

The mayhem continues when the Piper Pub hosts the sluts of St. Patty's Day, the Highlander Bag Pipers, who also share their music at Hannah's, Crescent Bar-Grill and Angell's throughout the night. Though it's doubtful you'll miss the Highlanders, keep in mind that the Piper Pub's traditional Irish lamb stew, soda bread, corned beef and cabbage will not last all night. If you happen to be a fan of $oul Purpo$e or Memphis Radio Kings, backtrack to the Big Easy before 7 p.m. to avoid cover and enjoy $1 green beers and $3 Irish car bombs all night.

Tom Grainey's and the Bouquet rival the Big Easy's cheap drinks and live music. Grainey's boasts $2 Green Coors Lights until they're gone and the music of Vincent Vegas and Spindlebomb, but you'll have to forfeit $5 in cover charges. Guilt by Association and Midline play at the Bouquet where $2 well drinks and domestic beers are featured, but only between 5 and 8 p.m.

Finally, for the responsible folks among us looking for the O'Douls of the holiday's festivities, you'll have to head to Ketchum to catch Craig Berry's slideshow presentation of hiking in Ireland. At 7:30 p.m. at the Clarion Inn on Main St., Berry will show stunning photos of his circumnavigation of the Dingle peninsula and long hike along the northeastern coast of Northern Ireland ending at the Giant's Causeway, sponsored by the Environmental Resource Center.

Unless you've dutifully stayed at Angell's since the flag was raised or arrived later that night to earn your free cab, the rest of us sequestered in Boise will likely need the following numbers tattooed on our cocktail napkins: Boise City Taxi (377-3333), ABC Taxi (344-4444)

-Jen Parsons and Amy Atkins will be at the bottom of Simplot's Hill, 8 a.m., Friday