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Boise Weekly on the Go. Plus Happy Hour.


Dear smartphone users, this edition of Note is dedicated to you.

A few years back, we launched an iPhone app to get Boise Weekly readers from two-for-one happy hour drinks and food at one downtown pub to the lovely little deal menu at another with ease. Cocktail Compass geolocates users, brings up a list of happy hours nearest to them and provides them with all the details of the deals, including a countdown until full price kicked back in.

Readers love it, but until recently, it had one fatal flaw: It was only available on iPhone. Good news for you lushes out there on Android: Cocktail Compass is now available for you, too. That's right, Android users, you no longer have to find a friend with an iPhone just to locate a decent deal on a happy hour near you. Now, all the dollar beers, buy-one-get-one wells and free taco bars are available in the palms of your own hands.

But wait ... there's more.

A few weeks back, we launched an all-new mobile platform. If you're a dedicated BW Mobile user, you've no doubt noticed the new and much-improved platform. If you're still trying to figure out the difference between mobile and an app, here's the deal: If you visit boiseweekly.com on your phone, you will automatically land on the mobile version of our website rather than the desktop version, which you see when you log on using your laptop or desktop. Mobile platforms are easier to read and navigate on smartphones than their desktop counterparts.

Our new mobile platform has a full commenting system, which is also accessible with Facebook logins--another new feature. Locations will now also have Google maps, phone number links that open to enable a call and enhanced details like live links for URLs, links to related content within the mobile platform and the ability to post a review. Movie times and descriptions are improved, sorting functions are more user friendly ... the list goes on and on. Pull up boiseweekly.com on your smartphone and check it out for yourself.