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Boise Weekly Gets a Makeover

Laying the ground for BW's new look


Big changes are afoot at Boise Weekly. First, we are happy to announce that BW is going back on the stands at 34 Jacksons stores around the Treasure Valley (see our ad on Page 11 for a complete list).

Second, the papers that you find on those stands are going to be quite a bit different. Starting Wednesday, Oct. 8, BW is undergoing the first of a series of redesigns that we'll be rolling out through the rest of the year (and maybe into 2015, as well).

The primary change will be the physical size of the paper, which is being reduced from our current 11 inches-by-12 inches, to 11 inches-by-10.67 inches. Essentially, we're taking a little more than a half-inch off the top and bottom of the page.

We're doing this for one major reason: It enables us to bring our printing home to the Treasure Valley--to the Idaho Press-Tribune's press--and at a savings, which is always a bonus. For the past several years, we've been getting our printing done by a company in Ogden, Utah, and while it's been a good relationship, being able to spend our money locally has always been a priority for Boise Weekly.

Partnering with IPT for printing also gives us the opportunity to expand circulation of certain special issues into Meridian, by being inserted in the Meridian Press. If that means changing the size of the paper a little, we think that's worth it.

At the same time, we're revamping our cover design and tweaking some of the inside graphic elements. Don't worry, we're not doing anything to affect our time-honored practice of publishing local art on the cover--rather, revitalizing the BW brand by simplifying and updating our look. It's been a long time since we fiddled with our appearance, and we feel that a switch of printers is a great time for a little reinvention. If anything, our multi-phase redesign is meant to streamline the reader experience and beef up the amount of stories we can offer throughout the paper.

As we go through this process, we welcome feedback from readers. Please email observations/suggestions to editor@boiseweekly.com. We're excited to change some things up, and excited to hear what you think of BW's new face.