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Boise Weekly Fiction 101 Contest Reading Party

Thursday, Jan. 3, Rediscovered Books


For decades, experts and academics have pored over short stories and novels for insight into their authors. If a novel or volume of short stories is a window into an artist's soul, the Boise Weekly Fiction 101 contest is a window into Boise's. Join many of the winners of this year's contest at the annual reading party, hosted by Rediscovered Books. The winning entries are printed in this week's edition of Boise Weekly, and the reading party is where folks can meet the authors and hear them read their work, rub elbows with the eminent judges and BW staff and catch up over snacks from the Basque Market. The contest is one of those rare times when BW publishes fiction; its reading party is a special celebration people look forward to all year long. Don't miss it.