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Boise Weekly 2014 Guide to McCall

McCall of the Wild


You've heard of bedroom communities--places people visit only to rest between workdays--but McCall is not one of those places. Call it a rec room community; or, better, one of the great four-season destinations in Idaho.

If you live in Boise, chances are you've escaped to McCall. And while a ski trip to Brundage is de rigueur the city on Payette Lake is twice as nice come summertime.

Your friends at Boise Weekly want you to make the most of summer in South Idaho, so we've taken the liberty of combing the community calendars to come up with a master list of must-see (and must-do) McCall area events. We're sure we've missed a few worthy entries, but at least these will get you in the neighborhood to discover things for yourself.