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Boise to Host Donavon Frankenreiter

Thursday, March 29 at Knitting Factory


Nothing says chill like a 37-year-old pro-surfer dad strumming fireside beach jams, so the audience at Donavon Frankenreiter's concert at the Knitting Factory can expect a show so chill it's like soft serve ice cream.

Frankenreiter's new album, Glow, channels Jack Johnson's signature acoustic guitar and upbeat lyrics combo and create slow-day sound tracks.

If you've never seen Frankenreiter live, he looks like The Big Lebowski with a surfboard in place of a bowling ball and a microphone instead of a white Russian. If you're staying in town for spring break, catching this show and sipping any drink with an umbrella in it is a cheap alternative to visiting Laguna Beach.

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