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Boise to Hang with Mr. Cooper, Alice that is

Wednesday, Nov.21 at Revolution


According to legendary shock-rocker Alice Cooper, his performances have one goal: "When we get up on stage, my band has the instruction: kill the audience," Cooper told reporters on a conference call before Bonnaroo in June.

Armed with guillotines, boa constrictors and electric chairs, Cooper fuses slasher films and garage rock into a frenzied live performance. Fans who dare jostle close to the stage are often coated with fresh spurts of fake blood.

His penchant for theater and a career spanning four decades has cemented the Detroit rocker's spot as what Rolling Stone called "the world's most beloved heavy metal entertainer."

In 2011, on the 30th anniversary of his 1975 classic Welcome to My Nightmare, Cooper dropped his 26th studio album, the more modern Welcome 2 My Nightmare. He quickly embarked on a tour to bring his buckets of guts across the country.