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Boise to get Rock-Slapped by The Rich Hands

Saturday, Jan. 26, The Crux


The Rich Hands, of San Antonio, Texas, is a perfect example of a band that has resurrected an abused music style.

The group's sound is straight from the garage-punk handbook, with ragged guitar riffs and Sonics-style vocal howls. But rather than blending into the din of bands that have been worshipping at the altar of Roky Erickson for decades, The Rich Hands' straight-ahead beats, surfy riffs and catchy choruses could pass for lost Troggs tracks or a band you'd discover on a Rhino Records comp chronicling late '60s power pop.

That's why the San Antonio Current called The Rich Hands 2012's most underrated band.

The Rich Hands will be in town to play with local garage-kateers Teens, with whom The Rich Hands guitar player Cody Mauser collaborated on a side project called Gayze.