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Boise to get Old School at Vintage Soul Dance Party

Thursday, Nov. 22 at Neurolux


Modern dance music, with its heavy reliance on computer beats and heavy bass, can be tough to dance to. Club devotees Steve and Doug Butabi, the head-bopping brothers from A Night at the Roxbury, had the limited moves needed for modern music down pat.

But back in the '60s and '70s, dancing went hand-in-hand with the era's biggest bands. Soul and funk pioneers like James Brown and Aretha Franklin knew how to lay down tracks that filled up dance floors with groovy beats and snappy chanted choruses.

That's why Boise's Blake Green is bringing the power of soul to Neurolux on Thanksgiving night, Thursday, Nov. 22, giving everyone an alternative to stewing in a post-gorge coma. While Green spends his days as one-half of Boise metal duo Wolvserpent, in the DJ booth, he queues up funky classics.