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Boise to Get Livened Up with The Technicolors

Thursday, May 16 at Neurolux


Though rock has spawned countless sub-genres over the years, there is a certain aesthetic that has endured: skinny, scruffy boys with leather jackets and mod haircuts playing hollow-body electric guitars.

That's Arizona's The Technicolors to a T. And that look speaks to the group's sound, as well.

The 12 tracks on its 2012 album, Listener, are equal parts British Invasion, Jetsons-style futurism and Strokes-style garage rock. Each song is a pop gem that's polished until its inner rock is all that remains. The Technicolors is what Oasis could sound like if it weren't poisoned by the personalities of the brothers Gallagher.

Listener was initially released in summer 2012, but was relaunched as a double-LP deluxe edition toward the end of the year.