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Boise to get Keen on Keane

Wednesday, Jan. 9 at Knitting Factory


It's hard to argue that pop doesn't have a bad name. Its reputation for meaningless, irksome odes to focus group-tested emotions is well-earned. But there isn't anything about a peppy beat or a catchy melody that mandates pop be throwaway filler. It just has to be emotionally and melodically relatable.

One band that is still proud to fly the pop banner is British trio Keane.

The band's 2004 debut, Hopes and Fears, hit No. 1 on the UK charts its first week and went on to go platinum nine times over. The record put Keane in the same category as Brit-pop supahstahs Oasis and Coldplay.

But what sets Keane apart from other pop-rock bands is its keys-first approach to songwriting. Keane will be in Boise to promote its pro-piano agenda and its new album, Strangeland, on Wednesday, Jan. 9.

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