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Boise to get Dressaged up For Horse Feathers

Wednesday, Aug. 8, at Visual Arts Collective


Horse Feathers seems to both spread its roots and stretch its limbs with each new record. From 2006's sparsely chilling Words Are Dead to the haunting harmonies on 2008's House With No Home to 2010's sun-thawed and orchestral Thistled Spring, each new album blooms with more depth and instrumentation than the last. And that remains true on the band's most recent release, Cynic's New Year, which swells with strings and shimmering, textured percussion.

Lewiston native Justin Ringle's chamber folk music has always had a steady stream of dark poetry coursing through its veins. But Cynic's New Year brings us an older and more reflective Ringle. On the sweetly upbeat "So Long," Ringle sings: "So long to a life carefree / It's passing by with each year or three / I'll call it aloud / I'll call it by name / the young and the vain / they are one and the same."

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