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Boise to Celebrate Holy Weak

Thursday, Dec. 1, at Flying M Coffeegarage


Local artist Nate Berrian, aka Holy Weak, spent the better part of 2011 working and living in a small cafe in Cusco, Peru. In the shadows of the Andes Mountains, Berrian crafted a set of pensive, charming indie folk tunes. The result is Missives From Peru, an album comprised of eight minimalist singer-songwriter numbers.

Berrian's guitar does most of the work, but his singing is the lynchpin of the album. With a bumpy timbre that recalls Akron/Family and a fragility reminiscent of Youth Lagoon, Berrian manages to move from hushed tones to full-on belting-it-out. His music is awash in sadness, with lyrics that ruminate on topics such as loneliness, homesickness, being poor and the futility of war. But with all of these elements combined, Berrian manages to add a refreshing spin to the all-too-tired indie folk template.