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Boise Tech Cafe Sets Opening


The Boise Tech Mall, which is currently under construction at Cloverdale and Overland roads, isn't just a place for gearheads to play around with the latest gadgets. The multi-story business center will also boast a high-tech cafe on the building's 3,000-square-foot second floor.

According to Relations Manager Sean Andreas, the Boise Tech Cafe will feature an array of electronic equipment, including a Rational oven.

"It's, like, a $20,000 oven and it's not huge but you can control humidity, you can smoke with it, you can have it be a rotisserie, you can bake with it. It's literally the most cutting edge oven out there," said Andreas. "And it can be programmed remotely, so back in Chicago, at Rational, they can actually program a recipe for us to use here in Boise and all we do is press a button and it shows a picture of it and that's it."

Andreas said the cafe has been working with Sysco Food Services of Idaho to design its menu, which includes breakfast, lunch, coffee drinks and grab-and-go dinner items, all tailored to using the Rational oven.

"Let's say Sysco foods has a brand new breakfast that they really want to try, well we can change our menu real time that same day, they can program our oven for us and then we're off and running," explained Andreas.

The Boise Tech Cafe will also boast tablets at every table featuring a digital menu and the ability to order and pay, making the cafe paperless.

"[A]ll you do is just hit it and select what you want and send it to the kitchen and they'll come deliver it to you," said Andreas. Also on the second story of the Boise Tech Mall, another company is setting up The Hotspot, an automated beer and wine wall.

"There are going to be all these touch-screen tablets and people can come in, they get their wrist band or an RFID card and they walk up to a beer wall and they scan their card ... they choose their beer and then they can pour it themselves and it goes by the ounce," said Andreas. "If you've ever been to Bodovino, it's similar in concept except more high-tech and it's for beer."

The Boise Tech Cafe plans a soft opening for the end of November, with a grand opening in December. Visit for more info.

Tara Morgan