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Boise State's Student Thesis Art Exhibit


Ibex, a thesis exhibition by 16 bachelor of fine arts candidates, will be on display at the Boise State campus in Gallery 1 (Liberal Arts) and the Hemingway Center for Western Studies (Gallery 2). The thesis artwork will be on display April 1 through 30.

Tara Broadhead's project is part of a series that explores her fascination with collecting perfume bottles. Erin Cunningham has created a series of drawings dealing with relationships, ambiguities and dualities in the separation between good and evil, child and adult and the difference between high and low art. Migel A. Delgado, through the use of mixed media, explores the assimilation of iconography and the filtration of popular culture into Mexican culture. Molly Green's series of seven life drawings parallel the presentation of the female nude to dogs in a dog show. Lisa Fogerson questions how humans in a Western society view the "other" through her representation of honeybees. Paul Hanson, an illustrator, creates paintings with personal narrative from literary sources employing figurative images. Katie Hill explores the issues of identity and feminine stereotypes in photographic self-portraits. Kevin Hines created a three-dimensional environment exploring the phenomenological effects of black light. Kyle Janzen, an illustrator, creates paintings for books covers that concentrate on the main character of the story. Megan Jensen examines the evocative, yet culturally embedded, iconography of children's stories and nursery rhymes, exploring their contemporary significance through various printmaking techniques. Sarah Lodwick's work addresses posters and portraits of modern athletes and their exploitation by countries and corporations. Josie Newton investigates personal identity through graphic design. And Crystal Paulson's work depicts the family and the sense of loss at the dinner table that came with the introduction of television. Contact Kathleen Keys in the Art Department at for more information about the exhibit.