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Boise State Women's Center Receives Donated Painting


The Boise State Women's Center does good things, so it's fitting when good things happen to it. Beautification of a space is no small matter and local artist Julie Clemmons is helping to do just that by donating one of her artworks to the Women's Center. Clemmons is a Boise State alum--earning her BFA from the school in 1990--and has exhibited at such galleries as Art Source Gallery and The Gallery at Hyde Park.

The painting, inspired by the area's hills and brush, Untitled, October 2004, is executed in oil sticks on watercolor paper and interprets the desert landscape of southern and central Idaho. Untitled is not the first piece of original artwork donated to the Women's Center. Other donated works on display include Zella Bardsley's Lilith and Melody Eisler's No Fear of Feminism, both sculptures, Rose Elkovich's painting entitled The Vagina Monologues and an untitled pencil drawing by David Habben.

Founded by students, faculty and staff in 1992, the Boise State Women's Center works to raise awareness about policies, services and programs throughout Boise State that affect women, focusing on issues such as access and equal opportunity in educational programs and environments for women, as well as personal development.

The artwork can be viewed from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Mon.-Fri. at the Boise State Women's Center, 1605 University Dr. (across from the student union). For more information, call 426-4259 or visit