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Boise State University Superhero Party

Saturday, Feb. 27


You might not have X-ray vision, killer strength or lightning-fast speed, but maybe you have other super powers. Maybe you're a kick-ass crafter. Maybe you speak several languages. Maybe you're an ace designer. Whatever your particular talent, join Albertson's Library, the Associated Students of Boise State University, the Student Involvement and Leadership Center, University Pulse and the Gender Equity Center for a free, family friendly day of super fun at the Superhero Party. Enjoy mask-making and comic-book canvas painting with Art Party Boise; check out a 3-D printer and other high-tech devices from Maker Lab; get airbrushed ink from Toppers and Tats; and more. The party is made possible by a grant from Coca-Cola and refreshments are promised, so you do the math. Hey, maybe that's your super power.