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Boise State at R. Grey - Moon's After Dark - Bryan Moore


Heavy Metal Auction at R. Grey

Generally, the city at large gets an opportunity every semester to support arts metal students at Boise State as the academic apprentices sell off their work. Last semester had 15 students from Boise State's metal arts club peddling their wares at Flying M Coffeehouse for the holidays, but things have gotten a little more interesting for spring.

Metal arts students have collaborated on work that will be up for auction this weekend at R. Grey Gallery. Using the theme "secrets" as directed by their professor, students were given 45 minutes to work on a broach before passing it on to another student. The result, said a spokesperson from R. Grey, is a collection of work in which the final product may not resemble the original artist's vision. This is the fifth year R. Grey Gallery and the Boise State Metal Arts club have teamed up for this event, although each year the students produce a different type of jewelry under a different theme. This is the first year work has been a collaborative effort.

All pieces will be on display First Thursday, and the bidding for the silent auction begins at 5 p.m. Bids will be accepted through Saturday, with the winning bids announced that night. All proceeds from the sale of the students' pieces will go right into the art department for tools and equipment so that next semester, we'll have a whole new collection of jewelry to buy at the fall show.

R. Grey, 415 S. Eighth St., 208-385-9337.

It's an all-new Moon's when the Moon comes out

Holy milkshake, Batman, things are getting crazy at Moon's Kitchen. What was once a homey little breakfast nook stacked to the hilt with kitschy gifts now has a whole new sassy night-life side in addition to being one of the best-kept breakfast secrets in town. New owners Bob Dempsey and Lisa Kugel have gutted the gift shop and extended the hours at Moon's. In fact, you may have noticed their midnight music in BW's weekly music guide. Friday and Saturday nights, Moon's is firing up the griddle and plugging in a band for a late-night jam session while you put some late-night breakfast into your gut. And honestly, who doesn't love a giant stack of pancakes and a slab of hashbrowns after a long night out on the town? Moon's After Dark starts the party at midnight and rages until 4 a.m., and for the first two hours, you can buy beer or wine. After 2 a.m., however, you know the drill: The alcohol gets locked up and the coffee comes out to play.

Moon's Kitchen, 815 W. Bannock St., 208-385-0472.

Bird is the Word

Remember about a year ago when the BW cover sported a sinister yet jovial, one-tooth bunny head against a bright splotch of halo yellow with a cross of gold and a red, white and blue Easter egg in the bottom corners? It was an untitled piece of work by an artist named Bryan Moore, and his artist's statement read simply, "An investigation of pagan, Christian and commercial imagery associated with Easter." The maniacal bunny was one of the brightest covers we ran all year, and maybe one of the most memorable we've ever put on the cover.

Well, you can't own the blue-eyed bunny because it was snatched right up at last year's cover auction; however, you can check out Moore's newest work at Flying M this month. April's featured artist opens his first solo show called "BirdMan," in which Moore displays his "jack-of-all" media tendencies with paintings in oil and acrylic, prints and tribal jewelry. The artist himself says his work leans toward "the intuitive application of symbols to express meaning," which often translate into critiques on society and spiritual expression. Well that explains a lot about his blood-red-streaked Easter bunny. Birds, however, not rabbits, are Moore's preferred species when it comes to his art. He's had a lifelong obsession with avian creatures of all sorts, and many of the pieces at the M this month feature our feathered friends.

Flying M, 500 W. Idaho St., 208-345-4320.