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Boise Rock School Session Gig, Dec. 3, Linen Building


Sending the kids to camp can be an excellent way for parents to get a break and kids to gain both social and practical skills. Sending the kids to Boise Rock School doesn't provide a child-free respite, but what young people gain from the experience—discipline, understanding the importance of practice, having a creative outlet, learning how to collaborate and be on a team, speaking/performing in public—benefits both parties in spades. See for yourself at the BRS End of Fall Session Gig, when active BRS bands take the stage at the Linen Building. More than 50 acts will put their new (or newly honed) skills on display, sharing with an audience what they've learned during the 12-week fall session. Because these gigs are open to the public, they're a great and inexpensive way not only for the performers' families and friends to show their support but also an opportunity for parents and kids looking for a skill-building program to see results live and in rockin' color. Plus, because this is an all-day event, and food and beverages are available, it's kind of like music festival practice, too.