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Boise Rock School End of Winter Session Gig

District Coffee, March 2-3



At Boise Rock School, "music" is more than a just a subject for lessons—it's a way of life for the kids, teachers and bands inside its walls. That's why the upcoming Boise Rock School End of Winter Session Gig, in partnership with the Boise All-ages Movement Project, is a big deal for participating kids, who range in age from 6 to 18. The event will showcase more than 40 young bands over a two-day period, and will take place on the heels of a 12-week session dedicated to perfecting their music. According to the school, "attendees will hear everything from classic covers to radio-ready originals written by rock school students." Whether you're coming out in support of a specific rockstar or just want to hear some good music, stop by The District Coffee House, grab a latte and listen in.

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