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Boise River Ready for Spring, Managers Increasing Flows by Weekend



Boise River managers hope the abundant sunshine and warmer temperatures forecast for the first weekend in April don't tempt people to get too close to the river. This is the week water managers are manually increasing Boise River's flows, anticipating spring runoff of mountain snow accumulation.

This week began with river currents near 200 cubic feet per second and as of this morning, currents had already increased at Glenwood Bridge in Garden City to more than 800 cfs. Managers say by the weekend, they plan on increasing flows to as high as 2,250 cfs. The Boise River will be extremely swift, bitterly cold and quite deep.

Click here to view U.S. Bureau of Reclamation real-time data of flows.

The USBR coordinates Boise River operations with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which manages Lucky Peak Reservoir. USBR expects an adequate water supply for irrigation and recreation through the upcoming spring and summer seasons.