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Boise Records Battle of the Bands, August 20, 21 and 23, The Bouquet


Watching and judging local band battles is one of my favorite pastimes, it's always a great way to see and hear a bevy of bands.

A few months ago, Boise Records owner Lloyd Parrott decided a great way to get his studio's name out to the folks who could most use it was to host a local battle of the bands. With the venue on board and the warring bands chosen, the Battle of the Bands at the Bouquet is set to rage.

Monday is Punk Night, and the competitors are (in playing order) Killing for Peace, Bovalexia, A Thousand Effigies, The Casket Chronicle and Sprockets.

On Tuesday, it's Metal Night, and fighting for the title are Ripchain, Factory Air, Mortal Enemy, October Tree and Vintegaas.

Thursday brings Indie Night and challengers S1nd1cate, Animal Crackers, Uncle Bud, Ambient and Malachi.

What makes this battle one to watch is not only the lineup of cool local bands; not just the fabulous panel of judges—which includes yours truly, Parrott and his partner Ryan Neal; not that the event will be hosted by MC Doughnut Style; and not even that it's free to get in each night. What makes this battle one worth fighting for is that a winner will be crowned each night and each winner receives 20 hours of free studio time at Boise Records.

Lock and load!

August 20, 21, 23; 7 p.m., FREE, the Bouquet, 1010 Main St.,