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Boise Public Library Half-Gig Sessions

Little concerts, big local talent


If you listen to NPR or browse its podcasts, there's a good chance you've come across at least one of its Tiny Desk Concerts, a series of interviews/jam sessions with musicians from around the world. Legend has it the concerts began in 2008 when NPR host Bob Boilen and music editor Stephen Thompson got fed up with having to parse through the deafening noise of the club scene to hear good music; As a compromise, Boilen invited the act of the night, singer-songwriter Laura Gibson, to play live at his office desk for listeners—and she did.

Out of that moment of spontaneity came a popular program and podcast that has aired over 500 concerts to date. Now, the Boise Public Library is jumping on the music-loving bandwagon with its own concert series, Half-Gig Sessions. So far, the series comprises performances by seven local bands and musicians across a range of genres, including Dan Costello, Laura Geier and Igor Iachimciuc, Cindi and Lee Walton, Cardamom Hill, Red Light Challenge, Ana Lete, and Bards of the Morning Star. The short sessions, recorded in the fourth-floor studio of the Boise Public Library and uploaded to its YouTube channel, are perfect for when you feel like watching a tiny concert at your desk.