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UPDATE: Police Diffuse North Boise Incident After Neighborhood Is Cordoned Off


Residents in a North Boise neighborhood stepped outside their doors this morning t the scene of multiple law enforcement officers and the shutdown of traffic near 27th and Jefferson streets.

Boise Police had received a call of an alleged battery at a resident on N. 27th Street near Jefferson. Police later said the incident involved individuals who were well known to each other and that some minor injuries had occurred. But when police learned that individuals inside the residence may have had access to weapons, the immediate area was cordoned off. Once the area was secured, officers called to those inside the home to come out peacefully, which they did. 

Police have yet to identify the individuals involved and have not indicated that criminal charges were pending. The investigation continues.

UPDATE: Boise Police later said no immediate arrests were made in the incident after speaking to all individuals involved,but forwarded the case to prosecutors for their review. An earlier report indicated that the Boise Police Special Operations Unit had been called to the scene,but it turned out that the situation was diffused by all on-duty police officers.