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Boise Police: Dozens of Citations in Alcohol Compliance Checks



With the dog days of summer running down to a precious few, high-school and college kids are squeezing in as much partying as possible before they head back to school. With that in mind, the Boise Police Department is reminding the public that it will be continuing alcohol compliance checks.

So far this year BPD has conducted 14 alcohol compliance checks and 373 establishment checks. That has resulted in 43 citations to local taverns and restaurants, which police said served alcohol to minors. Additionally, 14 citations have been issued to adults accused of purchasing alcohol for minors and 18 underage drinking citations were issued to minors. One establishment received a citation for over-serving.

"Every statistic represents a family and community," said BPD Alcohol Compliance Officer Jermaine Galloway. "It’s a serious concern that we want to remind folks about as young adults and college-age students come back from summer break."          

Establishments convicted of selling alcohol to minors face suspensions of licenses and fines of up to $1,500 for multiple offenses.