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Boise Police Apologize for Raid-Gone-Bad at North End Apartment Complex


The Boise Police Department issued a statement in the evening hours of July 17 apologizing for raiding the wrong apartment at a North End apartment complex.

According to the statement, Boise police burst into the Parkhill Apartments, on the 2500 block of North 15th Street, at about 2:30 a.m. on July 16 with guns drawn.

Neighbors said they heard a noise that sounded like a gunshot when police tossed a flash-bang device into the scene.

"This error is rare and certainly regrettable," stated Eugene Smith, deputy chief of Operations for the Boise Police Department. 

At the time, police said they were serving a search warrant in the wake of reports about suspected drug deal and thefts in the area. Police said their prior investigation had identified a possible suspect and several associates, including those with a criminal history of drugs, firearms and violence toward officers. But after they stormed into the apartment complex, police said they realized the address was incorrect.

By then, police had already begun question two people inside one of the apartments. 

"The two people ... were understandably startled, yet very cooperative and after the situation was explained by officers, appeared to understand," BPD stated in the news release. "Officers offered to provide hotel accommodations to the two occupants. They declined and were able to make other arrangements. An officer stayed posted at the apartment throughout the night to keep it secure. Officers immediately contacted property managers to begin repair on the minor damage."

According to Smith, "Officers apologized to the apartment occupants and quickly began to do all they could to make it right including paying for repairs and securing the apartment."

BPD officials said the incident was being "carefully reviewed to find out just what happened," and that the original investigation into alleged criminal activity continues.