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Boise Officials Not Concerned About 'Widespread, Watershed-Level Flooding'


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City of Boise officials said Monday afternoon they were "confident that the city's storm drainage infrastructure is fully capable of handling the rain and snow currently on the ground, as well as what is expected in the next couple of days, as long as that water can get to the storm drains."

The update, which said clearing the city's storm drains was a top priority, should help mitigate what it called small-scale "nuisance" flooding.

"It is important to note that officials are not concerned about widespread, watershed-level flooding at this time," said the statement. "At the most, property owners will see only localized 'nuisance' flooding."

Officials said city crews were continuing to clear nearly 22 miles of sidewalks along major streets like Vista Avenue, Broadway Avenue, State Street, Overland Avenue and Americana Boulevard. Meanwhile, the majority of on-street parking in downtown has been cleared of snow and parking garages have resume normal operations.

Property owners are encouraged to find storm drains near their homes and help clear them so snow and rain can drain properly. The Ada County Highway District provided a searchable map of all storm drains in Ada County, which can be accessed by clicking here.

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